Industrial Shredder/Crusher on Semi-Trailer – Kit form

Large industrial Shredding/Crushing Plant has existed for many, many years to reduce a vast range of materials to a manageable size for further processing, direct use or general distribution. These will be seen in various forms at quarries, coal mining & coke preparation, sheet timber manufacturers, concrete and rubber reclamation and many other forms of material recycling including scrape cars & metalwork, wood & shrubbery, plastics, glass, paper & cardboard. Some are purpose built and others are produced for multi-uses with maybe a cutter change or with material feeding considerations. Being large pieces of equipment mobility is an important consideration being available for siting in permanent location, with caterpillar tracks for ability to move over rough terrain in quarries and the like or on semi-trailers, being ready to move to multiple sites with relative ease and speed. They are used individually or within complex conveyor system with grading and screening facilities. They may also sit in an elevated location and automatically fed. Main power source within the unit would be diesel powered electro-hydrostatic.