Gasometer Availability

At a recent exhibition attended we were asked a couple of times if we could produce a Gasometer as these were no longer available from anyone, We assume this is true!

To produce a gas-tank of typical size would be impractical using our production methods, however we would consider producing a kit of superstructure that could be constructed around a tank simulation                                Our thoughts for a tank would be to use three used pull-ring 120g Tuna tins, these being of similar size to the models that once existed and with non-moulded rib sides, being smooth making them ideal. An additional benefit this tin-tank would offer is that it could be shown in lower positions by removing one or two tins.  Removing the third tin would then make it look like a derelict gas works site.                                                                                              If we have time a prototype will be produced and post some photos, but in the mean time tell us if this superstructure kit idea would be of interest to you – Thanks

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