Pipe-Support Bridge

pipe support bridge structure

Large industrial pipework can be seen everywhere carrying gas, drinking water and waste. In industrial areas these pipes may also carry compressed air, heating air or water, heating oil or fuel oil and many types of chemicals produced or used in manufacturing processes. When large pipework is run at high level from a tank or building or spanning rail tracks, roadways, rivers and canals some kind of support is usually necessary. Structural steel framing is often used to carry one large pipe or a multitude of smaller pipes. In many cases a large concrete block would provide the foundation to hold both a large pipe and steelwork firm to the ground particularly where the pipe runs down to below ground level.

For our model we have selected a large single pipe support structure that could be assembled as a bridge structure of width to span up to 4-rail tracks or alternatively assembled as two 90o structures running from the side of a building or tank. They are suitable for N-Gauge 1:148 to 1:160 scale size modelling and could be utilised to carry more pipes or cables. If required in addition to the pipework and fittings included, further interlinking pipework can be achieved using our industrial Pipework & Fittings kits available separately.

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