Reach Stacker Logging Attachment

Logging Attachment -for Reach Stacker

Special attachments for Forklift-Trucks, Reach-Stackers & Gantry Cranes are not uncommon. Since the 1970’s when ISO containerisation became accepted throughout the world, the need to adapt the modern container handling equipment to carry the occasional non-containerised loads developed. One common example is the Logging Clamp lifting attachment, the first dating back to the 1960’s. These attachments are used to lift large tree-trunks or a complete fixed length stick-load on and off railway wagons and road trailers, having long bent clamp like arms that cradle and squeeze the load together in a stable bundle.

The P&D Marsh Logging Clamp Attachment kit has been designed as part of the Materials Handling Range to provide a visual-display of the many variation of what the 45t Telescopic Boom Reach-Stacker can handle. The attachment once assembled is directly interchangeable with the existing top-lift spreader attachment, by simply removing the pivot pin, dropping it off and replacing it with the new assembled attachment in the same way. Its design incorporates 360o rotation and clamping-arm movement to show log load cradled or about to be clamped to lift on or off the OTA railway wagons and stick-load type flatbed semi-trailer. Our Reach-Stacker truck’s own weight adequately holds the laden attachment aloft.

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