Covered Conveyor Unit (set of two 65mm covered belt runs) Kit 4

Covered Conveyor Unit (set of two 65mm covered belt runs)

The carrying rollers form a V or U shape belt from a horizontal flat-form at the start and end, as the belt runs round the return rollers. These conveyors can run at various angles of up to around 40o and where they run over roadways, rail-tracks and rivers or where subjected to high cross winds they would be covered to eliminate the risk of belt-lift, falling objects and dust swells.

The P&D Marsh Conveyor System design criteria was to produce in kit form a modular group of items that once assembled would visually represent a large or small size static (non-moving) v-belt conveyor system that could be adapted by modellers for use in a quarry, rail head loading facility, recycling yard processes, cement works, coal mine and dockyard activities etc. primarily consisting of two 64mm lengths of V-belt conveyor and structure that can be fixed together to make-up a run to any desired length, with or without cover to enclose belt, plus a flexible support structure to satisfy any required angle of elevation, allowing conveyor to run into or out of a building or from a mine shaft or similar with optional open belt load and discharge points – Kit 4

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