Chemical-tanker Semi-Trailer with 3 Access Hatches

3-hatch Chemical Tanker Semi-trailer

Transporting liquid chemicals in tankers is commonplace and with the latest integral filling and discharge pumping equipment installed makes the transfer of liquids very efficient. These tankers would rarely be top filled through the top hatches but have been retained for cleaning & inspections. These tankers are often coloured white or stainless steel silver, with end-caps and chassis coloured to suit the haulier’s corporate colours.

The P&D Marsh Chemical-tanker Semi-Trailer kits have been designed as part of the Materials Handling Range for use in conjunction with our water treatment plant products showing the loading function of associated chemicals used in the process or transfer of contents to tank-railway wagons, the tankers incorporating a rear off-side distribution/filling pump & valve. They are easily painted to colour requirements and assemble, with chassis base on our 40ft skeletal semi-trailer.

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