Electro-Magnetic Separator Conveyor

electro-magnet conveyor unit

Large industrial Shredding/Crushing Plant has existed for many, many years to reduce a vast range of materials to a manageable size for further processing, direct use or general distribution. These will be seen in various forms at quarries, coal mining & coke preparation, sheet timber manufacturers, concrete and rubber reclamation and many other forms of material recycling including scrape cars & metalwork, wood & shrubbery, plastics, glass, paper & cardboard. Some are purpose built and others are produced for multi-uses with maybe a cutter change or with material feeding considerations. Separation of various materials is part of the screening and grading process and electro-magnet conveyor unit are used to separate metals. These would straddle a discharge conveyors lifting and running off metal objects to a side pile. They are also used over main conveyors belt, hung from a steel structure feeding another dedicated conveyor with the removed metal content.

The P&D Marsh kit of this unit is designed as a well-engineered generic simulation to complement the conveyor range providing the modeller with this metal separation-process. It can either be used on the industrial Shredding/Crushing Plant with discharge conveyor staged as in-use or for individual use straddling a main conveyor as shown in sample photo below  to represent further processes as part of maybe scrapped reinforced-concrete crushing, car shredding, road tyre rubber recycling being just a few examples. Steel structures with walkways and stairways are available separately as are piles of typical scrap/waste materials.

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