Dry-bulk transfer Pumping Equipment


To transfer dry-bulk products from delivery truck to silo, a combination of gravity and high air-pressure rotary valves and pumps are used. This is often free-standing equipment held at the receiving yard, either palletised or mobile being moved into place when and where material is to be transferred from delivery-tank (tipping road tanker or container) to silo, being a cost effective solution where two or more storage silos exist and delivery forms are varied. With the increase in recent year of road transportation being made by a single specialised provider, this equipment is sometimes incorporated into the trailer design.

The P&D Marsh Transfer-pumping equipment design criteria was to simulates this equipment keeping it as simple as possible but offer visual flexibility allowing equipment to be displayed in various ways. We have palletised the motor and valve/pump unit and this allows the main hopper to be fitted with a front or rear entry duct-pipe, the transfer-outlet being a smaller diameter off-set pipe at the opposite end. There is also a secondary gravity-filled hopper-box that can be fitted to a tilted bulk-container bottom end pillar-box flap (or appear to be, as these flaps do not exist on the plastic container for tooling cost reasons) and with its outlet-tube placed against the matching inlet-tube of the main hopper. Discharge transfer-hose are also provided in two pre-bent lengths. The end of one is turned enabling it to be attached to the silo’s external fill pipe stud and the second length can be attached to the other end stud, which can be flipped over depending on the direction it needs to run. By rotating hose slightly this lifts the end to enable the stud end to be placed into the main hopper outlet pipe.

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