Additive Regulating Equipment


Industrial water treatment facilities cover a multitude of activities as part of the purification process before water can be returned to rivers and municipal drainage systems after use in manufacturing processes. Sometimes used water is recycled for local reused but further processes must take place to eliminate possible health risks. One important activity is the volume regulation of additives with mixing blender and multi-pump equipment being utilised. Typical applications include neutralization, sludge control, pH control, softening, coagulation, SO2 scrubbing, sedimentation, odour control and fluoridation. The size of equipment is related to the amount water being treated and the levels of contaminants present.

As part of the P&D Marsh Industrial Water Treatment Plant simulation, we have selected external type medium sized multi-pumping and mixing equipment covering both granular and fluid forms of additives. Limited pipework has been incorporated covering supply and distribution all running down to ground level, suitable for N-Gauge 1:148 to 1:160 scale size modelling. If required addition pipework and fittings can be introduced to further interlink with other water processing tanks etc.


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